The Rose Cottage Dog Hotel

Caring for your pets just like they were our own


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Welcome to The Rose Cottage Dog Hotel!

For your canine companions, we offer air conditioned and heated individual indoor/outdoor dog runs, play yards, a dog walker and music in the boarding area. Dogs are provided daily leash walks and plenty of play time—all included in your basic fee. There are NO extra charges for individual walks, exercise (including off leash walks in a large secure area), and attentive loving care, complete with hugs and kisses! Each pet receives a treat when they are “tucked in” at night. We also provide a taxi service for pick up and drop off of your babies. Don’t worry, Sarabelle isn't going to be the one driving!

We do require current proof of vaccinations of your dog. The only items we ask that you bring are food and treats or toys. We supply beds, blankets, bowls and water. If we are with another pet parent when you arrive, have a seat under our gazebo and we will be with you shortly. We pride ourselves on establishing personal relationships with our customers and sometimes that may take a few extra minutes.